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City - UK Legal 36v 250w Kit
The City Kit is equipped with a silent 250w UK Legal motor, available in a front or a rear wheel mounting.

The stylish black luggage rack with controller, 36V-12Ah battery and display completes the set.

Technical details:

Range: 20 - 60 miles
Battery: Li-ion 36V-12Ah (432Wh)
Power: 250 Watt
Torque: 33 Nm
Motor type: Direct driven motor
Mounting: Front or rear wheel mounting
Max. speed: 15 mph
Weight: 7.5 kg with front wheel motor and 36V-12Ah battery

With the clear and user-friendly display you can switch between five different levels of assistance.

All cables in the kit are waterproof and ensure reliable, waterproof connections. No worries when it rains or on adventurous trips.

The pedelec sensor (PAS sensor) detects your pedaling. Stop pedaling, the motor will stop giving support.

You choose, at no extra cost which rim size you want: V-brakes or Disc brake. 24 ", 26" or 28 ". The choice is yours.

Standard set includes:

Battery Rack with 36v-12Ah battery
PAS sensor
Spoked wheel and motor

N.B. The Bike shown in the picture is NOT included but can be purchased from Argos.co.uk
Immediate availability
£ 795.00
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