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BMS (battery maintenance system)
A Battery Maintenance System is a small electronic device which monitors the battery to keep it safe and in good health. For example, it controls the maximum charge and discharge rates, max internal temperature, low voltage cut-off etc. All our BMS units come comeplete with a bluetooth programming module to allow you to set these parameters using an Android or Apple device. There is also an optional PC interface available which will allow advanced settings to be changed using a windows computer.

The phone App can display live battery usage statistics while on the go showing amps,watts capacity etc.
Daly Smart BMS
Daly Smart BMS Bluetooth Li-on Battery Protection Board
This product is unavailable.
£ 60.00
JBD 30a 10s BMS
30a 10s Bluetooth BMS
Limited availability
£ 75.00
JBD 60a 13s BMS
60a 13s BMS
Limited availability
£ 85.00
JBD 80/100a 14s BMS
80/100a 14s BMS
Immediate availability
£ 105.00
JBD 100a 20s BMS
100a 20s BMS
Limited availability
£ 165.00
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