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Who are we?
E-Bikes UK is a family run business passionate about delivering high quality E-bike performance at great prices. We believe that developing our first E-Bike in a farm shed many years ago to being where we are now is a great achievement. We have developed in depth knowledge of how these systems works whilst working along some of the top parts suppliers in the world which puts us at the top of E-Bike chain and gives us the ability to deliver the quality you are looking for.

We at E-bikes UK have witnessed first-hand the consequences of buying cheap E-bike kits online that seem like amazing value, however they do not last and almost always end in failure. Our kits are high quality and built to last. They undergo our full in-house testing procedures and configuration to ensure that they do what they say in the description. All parts are high quality, including hall sensors, bearings, materials, wiring, controllers, and batteries. Please do not compare these kits to the other kits you may find online.  
Please get in touch for any advice you may require and we will be happy to help, weather its batteries, controllers, motors, accessories or further information on one of our Ebikes-UK Kits we are sure to have the answer.


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